About Us

AussieChild is one of Australia's best child magazines with both web and print edition. AussieChild is a monthly with a reasonable amount of readers all over Australia and abroad. We give significant space to differently-abled children and kids with special needs. AussieChild also addresses issues related to Parenting and Pregnancy.

We got inspiration to begin this media venture for children from ignited and blessed minds of five little kids: Maria, Adam, Abraham, Arooj, and Kashf.

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of children. Our aim is to encourage children of all races and cultures to strive for excellence in the areas of academics, social life and wellbeing. Our publications are designed to educate and entertain readers and to promote good health and fitness among all children.

Each issue is entertaining and informative, packed full of ideas and information on things to do, places to go, parenting tips, thought-provoking articles, health and education info, and much more.

Now, without a second thought, be a part of our readers list and contribute to us!